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                Privacy Policy

Whenever your browser requests a page, your IP address, browser and operation systems are stored in our system. No way this information can be used to identify or pinpoint a specific user. We only disclose the information to our advertiser as demographic information.


Adulthood Forum

All personal identifiable information garnered from the sign-up for Adulthood  Forum are not sold, but as a personal profile in our Forum. The others are not able to view your e-mail address. You can use nickname and other particulars to remain anonymous.

Visitor Poll

We have polls occasionally to obtain your view on interesting topics. None of your personal identifiable information has been gathered besides your IP address, browser and operation systems.

Contest / Sweepstakes

When a contest/sweepstakes is run on this site, you may be asked to supply your personal identifiable information. We use the information to deliver the prizes. We may also share the information with our sponsors, but all is not disclosed to other parties.





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