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How to Tell if a Girl Likes You?

Knowing whether a woman is attracted to you BEFORE you make your big move on her can be helpful.

The problem is that it can be pretty close to impossible to sense whether a girl likes you. To make matters worse there is a TON of bad advice out there on the subject.

How to know if a girl likes you?

Some "experts" say that if a woman likes you her pupils will dilate when she looks at you. Others suggest that she will twirl her hair and bite her lip... or she might playfully remove her shoes. Oh, and if she's REALLY interested she will blush and her heart rate will speed up.
What the...? Dilating pupils? Heart rates?

COME ON !!! You shouldn't have to take a woman's pulse to figure out if she's attracted to you. Those types of signals are so vague and ambiguous... they could be occurring for any number of totally unrelated reasons.

What you need is something that will give you a concrete answer and something that you can use in ANY situation with ANY girl.

I've got your solution... Proxemics.

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How to know when girl like you? The term "Proxemics" was coined by researcher E.T. Hall when he investigated man's use of personal space. Basically, it's studying how people interact with other people in close proximity to each other (such as on an elevator).

What on earth does this have to do with detecting interest?

Well, what E.T. found was that individuals subconsciously perceive a distance that is appropriate for different relationships; they also establish a comfortable distance for personal interaction and nonverbally define this as their personal space.

This is where it gets interesting-- if a woman likes you she will let you into her more intimate personal space. But, if she doesn't like you she won't... she will make an effort to keep you further away-- OUT of her close personal space reserved for people whom she respects, trusts, and/or admires.

This is how it happens-- it is PROVEN.

It makes sense... if a woman likes you then she will want you to be closer whereas the opposite is, of course, also true. The more she likes you the less of a boundary she will place on you.

When you are talking to a woman the space between both of you is where the two of you are comfortable. If you move in a little closer to her she will either be fine with it and allow it or she will get uncomfortable and move back to reestablish a more comfortable distance.

I'll make it simple for you... if she stays she's interested. If she moves back... you still have some work to do because she's NOT interested yet.

To be continued below...


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Now, when you do this, only move in an inch or two. I'm not talking about a huge step closer to her. ANY woman, no matter how interested she is, would move back if you suddenly move much closer to her.

Just take a small, smooth step closer to her and watch for her reaction.
Test it out... this WORKS.
Brian brian at

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